Tips for the Amateur Wedding Photographer

Get to know the couple

Prior to the wedding day, get all the information you need from the couple. Get to know their personalities so you know how to translate it in your pictures. Find out what they want and expect from you as well as the outcome of the photos. It is important that you and your client discuss and agree on a particular theme and style.

Be prepared for anything

In wedding photography, it is always best to be prepared. A lot of things and activities are all simultaneously happening on the wedding day. This also means anything can go wrong. Preparation is a key factor so that you are ready for anything. Have a back-up plan in case of emergency. Bring an extra set of camera, get your batteries charged and bring additional sets as well, make sure all your equipment are complete and packed in your bag, check the event itinerary, time, venue and routes so that you know what to do and where you should be next.

Visit the venue

Prior to the event day, go on an ocular so you can check the location where the best angle and lighting is. Take some sample shots so you can study the best possible areas to shoot. Create a shot list and identify all the photos you need to capture. Things can get crazy during the wedding day and this will help remind you so that nothing will be left out.

Talk to a coordinator

Get in touch with the wedding coordinator. Ask them to help gather and guide the guests during photo sessions to make sure everyone is present in the pictures. If there is no available coordinator, ask a friend or family member to assist you.